Friday, April 01, 2005

Two Months?

Has it really been two months since I have written anything for this. Yikes.
I do have a lovely set of excuses prepared, though...

1. Upon my return from McPherson, I was assigned to the neurosurgery service at KU Med. Although I enjoyed parts of it, the hours did begin to suck my will to live. Although I often thought about writing about seeing a skull sawed open, or drilling pieces of skull back together, it just never happened.
2. For some reason my computer stopped letting me log into my account, so I wasn't able to post anything even if I'd had the time to sit down and write it. Last night I did some computer wizardry, though, and ta-da, here I am again.
3. Now that I have had a bit of experience with the psychiatry, I have a label for the constant worrying and thinking and talking about what to do with my future. Perseverating. I have been spending all my free time perseverating about what the heck I am going to do for the next 30 years.

So, now that the excuses are all there, and now that I can access my account, and now that I am about to do a 4 week stint on the inpatient psych ward, I ought to have plenty to share. I think.