Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Six months down

Yesterday when I walked out of the hospital I offically concluded my first six months of my intern year.
More importantly, I concluded this year's stint with internal medicine. Next week when I go back to work, I will be starting pediatrics, where I will be for the last six months of my intern year.
Doing combined internal medicine and pediatrics means I am going to be living a kind of double life during my training, alternating back and forth between the world of adult medicine and kiddo medicine. This year was split six months of each, and the next three years will have me switching every four months.

Do I have reflections on the first six months?
Here is a tally:

Number of times I got pulled over in the VA Hospital parking lot: 1
Number of times I was accused of "evading police" by not pulling over quickly enough in the VA parking lot: 1
Number of patients I see regularly in my clinic who weigh over 350 pounds: 5
Number of them interested in losing weight: 0
Number of patients I have seen who weight over 650 pounds: 1
Number of people I have pronounced dead: 4
Number of "code blues" I have gone running down stairs and hallways to get to: 7
Number of "code blues" that were called when someone accidentally hit the "code blue alarm": 6
Number of times I have cried in relation to work: 9
Number of times I have laughed in relation to work: too many to count
Number of times I have thought, "I can't believe I get to do this:" roughly 182
Number of times I have been asked by a 3-year old "Are your a doctor or a veterinarian?": 1

Oh, and here is a story about the highlight of my Christmas celebration with Tommy's family.
Our 6 year old niece was telling me about losing her teeth and how she gets a dollar from the too th fairy when she loses a tooth. His 10 year old nephew then asked me how much money I got from the tooth fairy when I was a kid. I told him "A dollar." He looked at me, and with no malicious or smart ass intent, said, "Wow. That was a lot of money back then wasn't it."