Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where I've Been

Yikes, I've fallen behind a bit here. My plan was to write a "Pivotal Moments" piece at least every week until I worked my way through them - clearly that hasn't happened. I've been up to stuff, though.
First, studying for pediatric boards, which I take on October 18th. If you have a few extra brain cells that day, you can send their power to me as I submit my own brain cells to 8 hours of multiple choice questions.
Second, the hubs and I took a great vacation with our friends the Drs. Pitts. We had a 5 day jaunt to Cancun where everyone got a chance to relax, nap, sleep in, eat and (for the ones among us non-pregnant), indulge in some tasty (so I heard) cocktails.
Third, the past two weeks I have been hanging out in Little Rock, Arkansas. Why? Turns out, the Arkansas Children's Hospital has a wonderful pediatric palliative care team and they were generous enough to let me come and follow them around for a couple of weeks to learn more about the daily functioning of their team. I've learned a great deal these past two weeks and am so excited about adding the pediatric palliative care service at KU. It's already under the amazing leadership of Kathy Davis, PhD, who provides more support and care to our families than seems humanly possible. I hope to be able to add a little bit to that as a medical provider in the coming years. Many thanks to Dr. Carrie Brown, and Jill Sorrows, the team social worker, for letting me tag along with them!
While I can't promise a major upswing in the blogging until after I take boards, I will be trying to get at least one more pivotal moment up before October 18th. They're brewing in this brain and I'm sure one will be ready sometime soon.
Happy autumn!