Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Lessons Learned: Week Two

I have been trying to recall any of the itneresting or amusing things that took place last week, but, sadly, i have been drawing blanks. I am just going to start typing and see if it can dredge up anything worth while.
Much of the time in procedures last week was tied up with colonoscopy after colonoscopy. The doctor let me actually "run" it a couple of times, which involves holding the control device for the camera and light that are on the end of the tube that has been rammed up the butt. As we watch a television screen to see the inside of the colon, it is similar at times to a video game...a video game gone very wrong. There is one wheel on the control device for moving the camer up and down, and another for moving it left and right. Inevitably, when the doctor directed me to look up, I would look down, and when he would ask to look right, I would look left. Fortunately, he is possibly among the most relaxed and laid back surgeons in the world, and he has quite a bit of patience with me.
Another procedure I have gotten to see several times now is called "hemorrhoid stapling." It is designed to both treat hemorrhoids and also remove about 2 centimeters of the rectum. I am going to try and acquire a pciture of the device used to achive this, but for now imagine a miniature version of Apollo 13. It gets stuck into the blessed behind, and once a few stitches are placed, the device is fired, causing it to clamp down. this simultaneously removes the 2 cm of rectal tissue, while placing miniature staples to hole to newly created ends together. These staples remain there forever. No, I do not know if they set off metal detectors, but in my reading about the procedure, I have learned that the main cause for concern after the procedure is anal sex. Not for the recipient, but for the giver, as he is likely to feel the staples, and may suffer some scraping of his unit.
There was another interesting and disgusting run in with some veritably flying feces. One of the patients had taken the oral enema, but somehow managed to resist all urge to expel due to the severe pain he would expereince. So, when the doctor inserted the anoscope, all hell, literally, broke loose, as all of the fecal matter the guy had held in was subsequently released as a flood of shit. A flood of loose, watery, slimy shit.
What better closing image could there be?

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