Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Four More Weeks

after this week, i will have only four more weeks left of my third year of medical school.
i still do not know what i want to go into after all this is over, and i have really just stopped trying to figure it out.
as has now happened 6 times previous, i am finding that i unexpectedly enjoy this rotation. i had really convinced myself that i would hate everything about internal medicine, from the hours to the patient population to the subject matter. i kept thinking," this rotation is going to make me learn about all that stuff i hate, like the kidneys." when i shared this thought aloud, the reactions i got were along the lines of, "well, i hope a doctor would know something about the kidneys..."
um, true.
so, here i am, finally actually understanding material that has evaded me for so long. i am not sure if it is because i can think, "oh, mr. so and so has kidney failure, and this is what happened to him, let me read about it so i understand more." maybe it is because my brain just needs to read about kidney failure 28 times in three years to finally get it, in which case, i will be about 78 before i am able to understand every organ in the body.
the other thing i feel i need to share right now is actually an answer to a question that has recently been asked of me several times.
the question is, "have you been watching that new show 'grey's anatomy?'"
answer: no.
i was intitally intrigued by it, and i watched a short part of maybe the second episode. it had to do with some guy dying and the interns deciding to try and get his organs or something. what i remember most are things like, " we're doctors, aren't we supposed to save lives?" delivered with such emotion that i nearly gagged on the puke welling up in my throat.
i have been warned that any form of entertainment involoving the medical world would one day be ruined for, and i think it now finally is. the thought, "that could never actually happen," has gone through my head several times, each time annoying me because i do not want to be "that girl" who always says things like, "oh, that would never really happen because blah blah blah," thereby ruining the show or movie for all the other people who are just trying to be entertained. so, i have now started avoiding any medico-fiction-drama in order not to have to see myself as "that girl."
and, since i am married to an attorney who has a very difficult time watching any legal fiction-drama, and since 90% of television shows have something to do with medicine or law, we have no choice BUT to watch intellectually stimulating shows like "America's Next Top Model" and "Showdog Moms and Dads." i suppose the one exception to my rule is "dr. 90210," a show on E! that i fond very amusing because, unfortunately, it is a pretty accurate portrayal of the kinds of personalities that flock to surgery as a career.
thank you for excusing the lack of proper capitalization.

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