Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Night Soap Box

"There is no reason children with life threatening illnesses should die in pain and suffering."
Would you believe that even in our own country, with all our medical system has to offer children, most kids with life limiting or life threatening illnesses never receive palliative care? 
Even where palliative care trained doctors, nurses, social workers and educators are available, patients don't have access because health care providers misunderstand and fear "palliative care" and therefore don't access it for their patients.
If you know a child or a family if a child with a serious illness, make sure they get the best of all healthcare, including palliative care.

Until patients and families begin demanding it for themselves and their families, palliative care for babies, children and young adults will remain tragically under accessed and under utilized, and suffering will remain under controlled, under addressed, and tragically rob these patients and their families of quality of life and quality of time. 

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